Amidst all the darkness and fear that we face in this moment of our history, a light still shows the way to the future – a future full of hope, of freedom, of all beings coming into harmony in a world of peace. It was in a moment of great fear that God showed me what lies ahead, a blessed future that we can not only hope for but plan for. Because I have been given this glimpse, I feel to share it with others, for whatever hope and comfort it may give – and, because the path to that future will likely shake the foundations of all that we have counted upon for our sense of safety and stability, challenge our understanding what the world is about and how we relate to it – I feel even more motivated to share what I have been given to see, and to say to all, "Take heart and trust God – we are being held and protected, and there is meaning and purpose to all of this." Blessings.


Mission Statement

For a generation or more, we who hold dear the hope for a harmonious, peaceful, compassionate world, have watched in growing dismay as our nation's role in the world has become increasingly negative and harmful. We have struggled to keep our spirits up even as our hopes have dimmed year by year. We have struggled to hold the line against the worst abuses of power, the worst erosions of our freedom and dignity, settling for "damage control" where we once hoped for the sky. It is the mission of The Daily Hope ...

  • to offer a vision of a future that goes far beyond "holding the line", far beyond restoring what has been lost – far, even, beyond our highest hopes for what our world could be like – into a future that shines with a radiance unknown in recorded history... a future that will be achieved not through the ballot box, the picket line, or the committee – although these efforts can be of great meaning too – but through God's gift to the world, and the welcome of our hearts to what God is offering.
  • to offer a Meeting Place where people can come together to share news and support as we move through the transition from the present moment into this New World.
  • to offer a perspective of current affairs that does not attempt to gloss over the political, economic and social issues facing the world - but to both recognize them and hold them in the light of God's relationship to humanity.
  • to provide connections to other sources of inspiration, comfort and hope, both on and off the Internet. [Top]


Why The Daily Hope.US?

The transformation to be wrought by God's work will uplift the entire planet, to be shared equally by all nations as we outgrow the illusion of separateness and come to know that we are all one. However, we as Americans stand in unique relationship to this global event. Rarely in human history has a nation been founded with such high principles – or betrayed those principles so deeply. We carry in our hearts the imprint of freedom, the inner vision of what America is meant to be. We tend to be idealistic to a fault, literally, believing what we want to believe about our nation rather than seeing the sad truth of what it has become – and when the truth becomes undeniable, we can feel personally betrayed.

The Daily Hope.US is The Daily Hope for Americans. It is for we who live in the seat of Empire, envied and feared the world over – and wish for empires to be no more. It is for we who live in the seat of Privilege, replete with consumer goods made by impoverished workers in other countries – and wish for Privilege to be replaced with universal generosity. It is for we who, person for person, consume 30 to 50 times the resources and generate 30 to 50 times the pollution of someone living in a developing country1 – and wish, fervently, for our country to join the community of nations in moving towards an ecologically sustainable future. It is for we who must recognize that our country has in many ways become the opposite of what it was meant to be – who live in the center of a vibration of violence and greed that threatens the entire planet – and do our best to hold peace in our hearts and hope that all may be healed. So I have called this website The Daily Hope.US for all of these reasons – and in the hope that many "Daily Hope"s will spring up around the world. [Top]


With Heartfelt Thanks

My work would not be possible without the ongoing love and support of those who have inspired me, have helped me to stay grounded in my relationship with God, have offered faith and trust in me when I could not offer it to myself. I especially want to thank my spiritual teacher Julie Redstone, whose love and support have been unwavering these many years – and to encourage all to visit the website of Light Omega, Without Julie, The Daily Hope would not exist. I would also like to acknowledge my dear friends Doran and Mashubi Rochell, whose devotion to their sacred work has been an inspiration, and encourage all to visit the website of World Blessings, I want to thank my parents, Mort and Irma Kramer, whose love and confidence in me have been constant – who taught me from the cradle that we all belong to the Earth and that our caring makes a difference – and who taught me, by example in my life and the lives of others, that love is what matters most.

And there are so many more, not acknowledged by name, whom I hold in my heart and thank deeply. Who knows how we souls find each other in this world – but, in ways obscure to our earth-bound consciousness, we choose each other in spirit and find each other down here, and stay together for the love and the learning, through good times and bad. It is a beautiful thing indeed. [Top]


Using Website Material

The Daily Hope is a not-for-profit, non-commercial website. All content of The Daily Hope is the work of Gordon Kramer, except where noted otherwise. I am glad to share this material for use in other websites or publications, but ask that you contact me first, and that you credit the material and/or provide a link back to the original source. Please use the form below to contact me. [Top]


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Credits and Acknowledgements

Below are sources of website material that, for reasons of appearance, were not credited on the pages where they occur:

  • The white dove image that appears throughout the website (and in the upper right corner of this page): This is from an internet image search, and I greatly regret that I no longer know the original source. I hope the original creator will accept my sincere thanks for its use, and my apologies for not providing an explicit credit.


1 Source: Article on world population and consumption by the Sierra Club, (Back)