First,   You enter through your heart.  
    do no harm.
                       - from the Hippocratic Oath

The future of the earth is not a distant
dream. It is being built now – in pain,     
difficulty, and frustration... and in love      
 and trust, patience and hope.


Walk with every man and woman who
has ever devoted their lives to healing the
suffering of the earth – and perhaps died      
not knowing how much difference                     
they had made.                                                 


Walk with every person who has lost
hope, drowning their longing for a           
peaceful, loving world in distraction,           
cynicism, addiction. Take their hand and      
help them to remember what they                    
have always wanted. 


Walk with the grass, the rocks, the insects,
with every precious part of this creation.        
We can tend the garden or destroy it;                 
they count on us to choose wisely – and                
wait for us to join them as brethren.                           


The path is here, within you.
It has been here all along
You enter through your heart.


Africa Reborn
by Julie Redstone

Images of a new world
     in which the difference between black and white,
     red or brown, doesn't matter.
In which whites do not try to look younger, 
In which blacks do not try to look whiter,
In which people do not try to be other than they are.
Images of a new world
     in which all are in kindergarten with folded hands,
     learning to share as children do, 
     learning to be called on, each in their turn,
     learning respect, the nature of 'we'.
Images of a new world in which sheets do not have to be the softest,
In which clothing does not have to be the finest,
In which innocence is more precious than cleverness, 
In which all are children under God's open sun.
In this world, Africa would not be so far away.
The people of this world would say:
I will eat less, buy less, travel less, 
     so that you may eat at all.
They would say, my breath is your breath -
     therefore I will not diminish the air you breathe.
They would say, I will have less, so you may have more.
They would say, How can I help you, my brother?
Images of a new world in which those who are overfed 
     would get tired of overeating.
In which those who are climbing out of poverty
     would reach their hand down to their brothers.
In which those who have meals, and cars, 
     and expensive college educations 
     would be the first to help educate everyone.
Images of a new world in which Africa would be new. 
In which Asia would not be a nameless, faceless mass 
     of invisible, toiling people.
In which terror would have no reason to be.
In which power would be based on the virtue of love.
This is the world of the heart. 
May it come soon. 
May it come quickly.
May it come on the wings of God's love.

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