All will come again
into its strength:
the fields undivided,
the waters undammed,
the trees towering
and the walls build low.
And in the valleys, people
as strong and varied as the land.

The houses
welcoming all who knock
and a sense of boundless offering
in all relations,
and in you and me.

No yearning for an afterlife,
no looking beyond,
no belittling of death,
but only longing
for what belongs to us
and serving earth,
lest we remain unused.

~ Ranier Maria Rilke

Never has the future of the earth felt more threatened... forces beyond our control – even beyond our understanding – seem to have taken over our nation and our lives. We fear the reach of terrorists from far beyond our borders, speaking strange languages and bearing strange ideologies – but then need to wonder if the real terrorists are hiding in caves in Afghanistan, inflamed with resentment and rage, or hiding, with cold calculation, behind masks of false patriotism in our own government. News photos show polar bears stranded on floating islands of ice in a warming arctic sea, and killer hurricanes rip the heart out of a coastal city and rip the covers off the darkness of a society that leaves its poor, literally, to sink or swim – while our highways are choked with SUVs whose drivers who don't get the connection between what comes out of their tailpipes and the possible survival of our planet – and have been taught not to care. Desperate for moral certainty in a culture awash with triviality and bombarded with sensory overstimulation, we follow cynical anti-leaders who undermine the very values they pretend to champion, and false ministers who dispense a poisoned Host to their flock. And individually, we struggle to maintain a sense of balance and joy in lives that are, with every passing year, more burdened by overwork, anxiety, alienation and stress.

The good news is: The long time of waiting that we, and the world, have been patiently enduring, is about to come to an end. While it can feel like nothing has been happening during this dark night of the world's soul, we have been growing spiritually as individuals and as a planet, our souls preparing for a future that our conscious minds would hardly dare to dream for – and now we stand at the greatest threshold in human history, at the end of the era of power-over, about to begin the era of sharing-with. What we are seeing now is the final upwelling of darkness in the face of the Light that God is bringing to the earth. The song that, a generation ago, proclaimed the "dawning of the age of Aquarius", expressed the hope and longing of a generation who saw beyond a world based on power to a world based on love... and it may have seemed premature or naive in the years that followed. But, seen in the great sweep of history, it was right on time – and that dawning is now but a moment away.

We stand poised on the edge of a revolutionary transformation of the earth's consciousness. Like a rising tide that lifts all boats, a wave of Light is coming to lift the earth, and all who live upon it, into a new state of being – one where compassion and peace will prevail. Although this comes as a gift of God, through His love for the earth and for every human soul, it comes also because we have helped to prepare the world to receive this gift, through our caring, our hoping for a better world, and through every act of kindness... for every such act, however great or small, prepares the ground for God's Light to be received. Every moment spent hoping and praying for a world governed by love, prepares the ground for God's Light to be received. Day by day, moment by moment, we have been helping to prepare the earth for the next step, and God is coming to meet us.

And... as we wait for the sun of a new era to fully rise, we will be tested again and again in our faith, our courage, our willingness to trust God and the truth of our own hearts. This website, The Daily Hope, has been created to offer a focus for our visions of the world to come, and a meeting place for all of those who wait together in trust. The days ahead will be difficult, but with each others' help, and God's, we will come through... and one day awaken to the light-filled dawn of a world freed of the past, embraced in kindness, looking forward with the assurance of peace.