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Sunday, June 26, 2022

The Path of Transformation

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We are building!

Please enjoy your visit to The Daily Hope while we are under construction, and come back to see us again as we add new material. We always welcome your comments and suggestions.

To maintain and grow in our bodies we need food. To maintain and grow as beings of spirit we need nourishment of the spirit in all its forms: Truth, insight, poetry, music, laughter, intimacy. Here we have collected resources to nourish you on your journey.

To celebrate the beauty of our world – and of our own creation – is not to ignore the suffering around us or the difficulty of our own lives; it does not dishonor the struggle that we and others go through. On the contrary, it affirms the best in life and reminds us of what we are living for.

Our intention here is to gather those reminders here, and we hope this will be a community effort. What reminds you of the preciousness of this Creation? What affirms and upholds you day to day? We welcome your suggestions! We are open to including original creative work here, as well as links to other material on the web. Original creative work will be fully credited to the author(s); in addition we will be glad to link to contributors’ own websites, if applicable.

Note: At this time we are not set up to receive your contributions through the web form below. What’s most useful is to describe your suggestion, and provide a link to where the material can be viewed or heard; if that isn’t possible, we will get in touch with you separately, using the email address you provide.

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