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The Daily Hope

Election Day, 2020
Vote for Our Lives

Posted to Facebook on the morning of Election Day, 2020: We are holding our breaths. Lately my email has been full of messages from various progressive organizations, saying stuff like “if ____ is (or isn’t) elected, it will determine the course of our country for the next generation (or forever)” … and then an appeal for money. I don’t buy into that type of message. It presupposes a completely rigid and one-dimensional causality, ignoring the complexity of what is happening in peoples hearts and minds, of what is being learned and purified on an individual and collective level. It excludes the possibility of grace, of transformation. And uses fear to get money from people.

That said, I’m still on pins and needles. My heart is desperate to feel better about my country and those who govern it… and that, perhaps, is something I am sharing today with Americans of all political beliefs, we just want to feel better about our country.

Facebook post follows:

Good morning, dear friends. As we head into this election day, I’m feeling so strongly that we are all part of building a better future – and that will be true no matter what happens today. Showing up in our intention to make a world where all can be free and cared for – in Gandhi’s words “being the change we want to see” – is everything.

There are forces at work beyond our knowledge or understanding, and I am convinced that they are moving us towards the Good. A “bad” outcome on one day, may still be part of the path that ultimately creates the healing we long for, that raises consciousness in exactly the way that’s needed to move things forward. Whatever happens today, let’s keep standing firm in ourselves, and with each other, to be that change. The world needs our energy, our devotion, and our love, no matter who’s in office.

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