The Daily Hope

The Mind of the Heart
Mind of the Heart

One day
the place from which we know ourselves
will drop down from the cloud of thought
to that place in our bodies where
the Divine imprint lives,
and we will look on the world,
on each other, on ourselves
with eyes that see from the mind of the heart

One day
darkness will knock upon the door of thought –
that floating, undefended place where
lies can inspire and inflame,
and false realities coalesce from vapor…
darkness will knock, but no one will answer:
We will have gone to dwell
in the mind of the heart

The crooked district lines,
that put the few in power over the many;
the archaic institutions,
once designed to abet enslavement;
the religions of property
masked as religions of righteousness:
We will turn a corner,
and, looking outward from the mind of the heart
know these things to be… not evil, but simply not us

We will enter the voting booth
thoughtful – but without thoughts;
attuned to the realer real
known within the mind of the heart,
our decisions guided not by
“what’s in it for me”, but
“what do we need, and what
does the Divine love ask of us?”

The re-shaping of our world
will rush forward, guided not by
think tanks, nor demonstrations, nor
physical force, nor manipulation of our thoughts,
but by feeling where the Current wants to flow:
The current felt within the mind of the heart

Sisters, brothers, this is our destiny,
this is what the Divine has promised.
Come, let us meet each other
and speak a language without words,
the fluency of every human soul,
known to the mind of the heart

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