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Friday, April 19, 2024

The Path of Transformation

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Planting the Future

Planting the Future

It is today, April 19 – in the year 2024.

The children born today will grow up free – not only free to say what they want, but free to think and feel what they want, free of the dark forces of disinformation, manipulation and pressure to conform.

They will grow up free to grow to their full potential as human souls – not just in the limited sense of earnings, but in the more important ways: Free to develop their full intelligence, creativity, sensitivity, wisdom, compassion. No child born today will lose these opportunities due to discrimination, poverty, lack of education, lack of adequate nutrition or health care – or the tragic lack of hope that might make a future as a drug dealer look more appealing – and more plausible – than a future as a concert violinist, a physicist, a writer, an entrepreneur. The lack of connection that might make a path of exploiting and taking advantage of others look like the only way to take care of one’s self.

No child born today will live under a cloud of fear that their life or freedom might be endangered simply because of their skin color, their language, their sexual orientation, their beliefs. Hatred, separation, fear of “the other” may still exist in the world – but will no longer be sanctioned or institutionalized – and will be dying away in the face of everyone having the opportunity to live up their full potential.

No child born today will grow up to feel like a helpless cog in a massive machine beyond their understanding, closed to input, unresponsive to their needs. Our political, economic and social institutions will be rapidly evolving in the direction of more transparency, with governance in the hands of those that the institutions serve – rather than those that they profit. From the quality of the local water supply to the policies of the emerging global government, any citizen who wants a voice – and makes the effort to speak it clearly and constructively – will have an opportunity to be heard.

Children born today will never know the sickening dread – or the soul-sickness – of living on a planet being systematically destroyed for the benefit of a few. The scars from our misuse of the earth will still be everywhere, and these children will view them with stunned disbelief that people could ever have not grasped the interconnectedness of all life, or stubbornly clung to habits of single-minded materialism while ignoring the suicidal destruction underpinning that way of life… and then they will get to work repairing the damage, feeling the joy of belonging to all that is.

Children born today will grow up optimistic, once again, that their children might have a better life than their own – or at least as good a life. Their futures will not be haunted by fears that higher education, economic opportunity, proper health care, decent housing, time to rest and reflect and play and grow – will recede out of sight for all except the wealthy. The conditions that engendered those fears won’t be completely gone, but will be well along the path towards correction. Whatever voices still seek to inflame discontent, to stir up division and conflict, will find few listeners, because none will have reason to feel threatened by their neighbors or cheated out of what is rightfully theirs.

What follows is a newspaper from the future… sent back to us in a time machine from this day in 2024. It reflects a world in the process of healing, as sacred light makes itself known to the consciousness of all people. There is no blueprint for the creation of this new world; we will make the path ourselves, day by day, as new consciousness makes more possible within all of us. Come join us there.