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Friday, June 14, 2024

The Path of Transformation

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Suggestions and Contributions

The Daily Hope aims to be a community effort. It was inspired by the many voices out there in the world who are offering hope and inspiration for a better future, while acknowledging the seriousness of the situation we are in now.  We’re looking for material that fits any of these categories:

  • Inspirational: Speaks to the present moment and/or offers a vision for the future in ways that are grounded in present realities, yet offer a vision for transcending our current situation.
  • Nourishing: The stories, the arts & music, the ideas that help us to stay positive and strong.
  • Informative: Practical resources that our readers might make use of, providing support on a physical level (food banks, community energy resources, etc.), emotional or spiritual.

Please see general guidelines for all website material, below.

We welcome your ideas for material to include on the site. Generally speaking, we will not be incorporating other material into The Daily Hope, but linking to it – therefore, the best suggestions are those with a ‘resilient’ internet source exists that can be linked to. The exception are short quotes or statements that can be put on a page as a featured quote, or as a Hope of the Day. For those, please select ‘I have a suggestion’ in the form below, and copy the entire quote into the ‘Tell us more’ box. Please be sure to include who said it, if you know.

For other material, ideal sources

  • Don’t require a membership or subscription to access
  • Are likely to be stable over time; unfortunately this excludes much content on social media that tends to ‘disappear from view’ in a short period of time.

Material that might be incorporated  into the site could include original writings or artistic works that don’t have a stable home on the internet (see below), Facebook posts, anything temporary in nature that fits one of the above categories, and is worth preserving on this site.

Please use the form below to submit suggestions. Thank you!

Contributions to The Daily Hope are welcome, in two forms:

  • Original artistic works: If you have original music, stories, artwork, or poetry that you feel would be appropriate for the Nourishment section, please submit it for our consideration.
  • Articles and blog entries: Consider if you might like to write directly for The Daily Hope. As time goes on, we hope to incorporate other voices, especially into the blog. Guest writers will receive full authorship credit.

Please use the form below to share artistic material or to be considered in the future as a guest writer. Thank you!

    General guidelines for all website material:

    We intend that all content on The Daily Hope meet these guidelines (And encourage our readers to let us know if you find anything on the site that impresses you as not meeting them! For that, please use the Comments link in the page footers):

    • Accurate: Anything that mentions actual events or people needs to be factually correct to be best of our knowledge. We seek to avoid speculation of any kind – especially speculation presented as fact.
    • Kind: “Loving one’s enemies” is a big challenge for most of us, but one that we take seriously at The Daily Hope – or better yet, trying not to think of anyone as an “enemy” in the first place. Loving doesn’t mean being fake or in denial – one can be seriously upset about another person’s actions, while still holding their basic humanity, remembering that they struggle with the same human limitations that we do (if not worse). We believe that real strength lies in standing firm in our own truth without condemning the other person. So: Fine to “call a spade a spade” – but without insult or contempt, which doesn’t come from strength and doesn’t move us forward.
    • Accessible: We’re looking to reach as many people as possible with material that is clear and easy to understand, and so may exclude that which requires a specialized language or a specific belief system to partake of. This could include scientific studies oriented to those with advanced knowledge in that field; religious or spiritual writings using language unfamiliar to most outside of that path, etc. We do want to include any expressions of the above that are more accessible, if they otherwise fit the goals of The Daily Hope: A summary of the scientific study that tells us, in lay language, what’s exciting and important about it; a description of a spiritual path or practice that tells how it’s supportive, etc.
    • Hopeful in its essence: Increasing numbers of people believe that the earth’s ecology has already passed a point of no return and that we are now heading for a mass extinction; or that the world’s political future is inevitably headed towards global tyranny. They see their role as providing comfort and support in the face of devastating loss that cannot be prevented. We have the greatest gratitude for these souls, who are emotionally bearing the possibility that our world is ending as a good  place to live, or even as livable at all. But it’s not what we are doing here: In the face of those same possibilities we say: “This will not happen because there is a Divine Will that has given us this world for a purpose, and we join our own wills with the Divine to help move into greater light instead”. We cannot move forward in denial of the immense sorrow and fear these time engender, or without meeting its challenges, day to day, with clear sight and readiness to serve; but neither can we build a better future unless we hold hope in Divine redemption as the greater truth. Further, we hold that things may appear to move in the wrong direction today or tomorrow, without erasing our faith that the good will  ultimately prevail.