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Sunday, June 26, 2022

The Path of Transformation

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Introducing The Daily Hope

Welcome to The Daily Hope. Thank you for visiting… and your patience while the site is under construction.

This site is offered in service to the present and to the future. It intends to inform, inspire, encourage and uplift; to help gather people and resources together in service to a vision of how we, the human race, can come to live in sacred relationship with ourselves, each other, and our planet; to explore that place where the visionary and the practical can intersect to craft the institutions, technologies, and social structures of the future. The main sections (also listed on the drop-down menu on the home page) include:

  • Foundations: The spiritual basis for looking forward to the Earth’s future with hope, and seeing oneself as an agent of the sacred change that will bring this about.
  • Nourishment: A collecting place for art, music, poetry, inspiring ideas – forms of inner nourishment to help us through these times.
  • Holding the Present: The times we are in from a transformational perspective – along with practical and spiritual resources to support you in your work and on your journey.
  • Building the Future: Articulating a comprehensive vision for how we are meant to live together on the earth.
  • Blog: Periodic reflections on the intersection between the ordinary and the visionary.

Please also check out Hope of the Day, an inspiring quote that changes on a daily basis, available through the top menu on the home page. We hope to provide more ‘dynamic’ content as this site develops.


Feel free to visit the Comments page to share your response to this website and let us know how it may serve you better.

Suggestions and Contributions

Help to make The Daily Hope a community effort! We welcome your ideas for all of the above, and are open to publishing content from guest contributors.